RA Training Logo

From June to September of 2018, I was a Marketing and Graphic Design intern with Loyola University Maryland’s Student Life Resident Assistant (RA) training program. My role included creating a logo that would be used on T-shirts, social media platforms, door decorations and name tags for each member of Student Life staff. Our theme was “Rooted in Community” with a focus on imagery of nature, community gardens, and roots. I came up with two concepts (below). The concept on the left featured three root vegetables below the ground to represent our staff’s diversity. The concept on the right featured a multitude of different plants for representation of the same concept. In the second version, I included succulents because they are a trendy plant that would stand out to our college-aged trainees, and I chose to include Black-eyed Susans as they are Maryland’s state flower. Both logo concepts were designed entirely in Illustrator.

Our training committee selected to move forward with the second design but I had to make adjustments for printing and visibility reasons. I narrowed the color palette down to five colors for our T-shirt printing costs to be low, I turned the Black-eyed Susans into daisies, and I changed the font to Satisfy instead of Sacramento. Below is the final version of the logo.


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