Magazine Layout Design

As a class assignment, I created a mock magazine for a millennial-centered philosophy publication, which I called, “philosophie.” After two years as my university’s philosophy club president, I realized that many students at my university hated philosophy and found it inaccessible. I wanted to use this publication and its modern, clean design to appeal to a younger audience and get philosophical concepts and articles to appeal to them.

I chose two random articles from philosophy publications online to mock up in a design. I also chose to use solely graphic elements instead of photographs to challenge myself with purely illustrative means. I designed the magazine in Illustrator and InDesign.

Magazine Mockup Cover

Since the theme of the two articles I selected was education, I designed the cover to have a schoolhouse lined paper appearance to it. I titled the edition, “How do we learn?” to challenge the concept of education as the two articles within the issue do. I used Schoolhouse Cursive B for my centered font and I chose Poppins for my publication title. Schoolhouse Cursive B had beautiful letterforms with the classic grade school instructive and directing arrows on each stroke of the letters. The selection of Poppins was out of a preference for a circle-based and fresh font that would feel and look young. The color palette is incredibly millennial, featuring blush pink and light blue, close to the Pantone colors of 2016.


Magazine Mockup Autodidact DPS

The first article I used was titled, “The Autodidact.” An autodidact is a self-taught person. As the publication is intended to appeal to an audience unfamiliar with philosophy, I ensured understanding of the concept by including a dictionary definition of the term above the byline and article text, and I used school of fish imagery with one fish going against the tide of the rest to represent the autodidact. I used Rockwell Bold for the headline text and I used Helvetica for the dictionary definition and the body copy.


Magazine Mockup Autodidact and Classroom pages

For the next spread, half of the spread was the rest of the autodidact article. For that half, I featured a pull quote imposed on a blue watercolor streak. Watercolor imagery is very trendy with my generation so I wanted to use that aspect to appeal to the magazine brand. Additionally, the first page graphic has fish underwater, so the water streak is reminiscent of that water.

The other half of the spread was a full color graphic design to accompany the headline of the next article. The article was about learning around technology, so I designed a tablet image with schoolhouse numbers to recall the cover imagery and indicate learning.


Magazine Mockup Classroom DPS

For the DPS accompanying the “Classroom of the Future” article, I brought back the pale pink and blue palette and paired it with the font Blanch for a futuristic and current design. Blanch has beautiful letterforms that are as much retro as they are futuristic and were therefore the perfect accompaniment to the article. The color selection was simply preferential to the time it was made. In the middle of the body text, I created a simple rendering of a person with moods around their head as the article (and chosen pull quotes) touched on the ways which learning with technology can affect our psyches.



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