GFTD App – Screens and Illustration

As part of my capstone class to finish my Communications major with a Digital Media specialization, my team was brought onto a professor at our university’s app startup. She had come up with an app called GFTD, or “Gifted.” GFTD works a little like Venmo, but it’s entirely focused on the concept of giving an item or experience as opposed to purely paying, charging or exchanging. It’s the perfect app for random acts of kindness, “thinking of you” moments, and long distance relationships with friends or family. I have since then continued to work with GFTD as an intern. Below are the emojis and screens I have created as a Marketing and Content Development intern. In my position, I am responsible for icon creation, interface mock-up creation, and promotional content creation. For promotional content, I have conducted two photoshoots for our social media.

In partnership with another graphics intern, we created our own emojis to be added to a library for users to select from when sending a GFT.


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In the app development process, my team quickly realized the app did not have the aesthetic appeal or modern appearance that would be required to snag the millennial market. Our developer asked the same fellow intern and me to mock-up screens for the app that he would then code into reality. Having experience in MarvelApp for app prototyping, I collaborated with my fellow intern to design some pages and then brought them into Marvel for completion. Below are two mock-ups, one for a sign in page, the other for the profile page. Our new development team has taken inspiration from our designs in their look for the app.


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