“Elevator Music” Short Film and Poster

In the fall of 2018, I produced, wrote the screenplay for, and directed an original short film as the co-president of my club, Loyola Short Film Club (LSFC). After many writers’ meetings, pre-production meetings, and hours of shooting and editing, we produced “Elevator Music,” an original short film. View the film below.


In addition to my roles on the film, I also designed a poster for promotional purposes and a promotional photo to be used on a Facebook event.

The film takes place solely inside of an elevator and follows a college guy through the trials and tribulations of love in his apartment building’s elevator. I was faced with the unique challenge of visually communicating the plot of the movie while simultaneously garnering interest as the poster was advertised around campus on digital signage. First, I came up with a close-up concept of elevator doors opening to reveal a swirling world of color in an effort to suggest mystery and increase curiosity in potential audience members. Then, I decided to scale down the image concept so the whole elevator was present but was surrounded by white space. Because the elevator represents Harry’s life, it is dwarfed by its surroundings to suggest his loneliness and search for love. I used peach for the background to be trendy and appeal to the college audience and vibrant tones for the elevator interior. I used Rockwell for the film’s title and DIN Condensed for the subtitle text. I created the elevator interior in ProCreate and completed the poster in Adobe Illustrator.

For the Facebook event, I needed a horizontal oriented image for the event cover photo. I shot some still photographs the day of the shoot for the sole purpose of documenting the process, but I ended up with a sweet image of our two lead actors to use for the image. I then brought the image into Camera Raw for editing and imposed text in Photoshop.

harry and brooke w text

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