Elena Damon Studio Business Cards

My sister is an embroiderer, calligrapher, and photographer. In 2017, I produced a photography logo for her, because at the time, she was solely focusing on photography. Now, she sells her embroidery work, sells prints of her photos, and advertises with her hand-lettering. She rebranded herself as “Elena Damon Studio” and came to me for a new brand identity: Elena Damon Studio. Her primary need was business cards so she could hand them out at a festival at which she was a vendor.

For her business cards, I used the font Karma, paired with a delicate autumn orange to be seasonal and attractive to potential buyers picking up her card. The watercolor stroke behind her studio name on the front of the card was meant to evoke ink from a calligraphy pen. The choice of a serif font was intentional to ground her brand and evoke imagery of elegant serif hand-lettering forms. I designed the cards in Adobe Illustrator.

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On the back of the card, I created three icons and placed them in a random-order pattern to represent each of her specialties: a fountain pen, an embroidery hoop, and a camera. Each icon was simple and linear in the same color as the watercolor stroke on the front, to evoke a modern and simplistic look. I also designed the icons in Illustrator.


EDS business card mockup 1

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