Apprentice House Books

At Loyola University Maryland, we have a publishing house that is entirely student-run through classes each semester to select, design and promote books. I was part of the acquisitions team and am currently a member of the design team, working on two yet-to-be-published books. These covers are a work in progress but are close to their final versions. I also designed the internal files of both books in InDesign.

Celibate is one woman’s memoir of coming to terms with the celibate vocation she has felt since she was eight years old. From a surprising affair to family antics, the story is riveting, and the cover design was intended to evoke the Christian color symbolism for purple: fasting, faith, patience, and trust. The velvet texture made the cover far more dynamic than a flat color.

Setting the Family Free is a novel (based on a true story) about a man who lets a family of exotic animals loose into a small town in Ohio. Chaos ensues. The book is written in various styles and from perspectives ranging from residents to the animals themselves. The author wanted a lion on the cover for he felt it best represented family. I selected an image of a peering lion eye to call back to imagery present repeatedly in the novel of animals staring at humans before attack, and humans looking back at them.

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